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    A Place in Time

    Oil on canvas

    16 x 20 inches



    Representative of this Summer's isolation.


    Into the Woods

    Oil on canvas

    16 x 20 inches



    Another beautiful Fall day caught plein air near Tallahassee Florida.

    Fall Gold

    Oil on canvas

    16 x 20 inches



    Fall colors in the North Florida woods. Plein air near Tallahassee Florida.

    Goodwood Plantation

    Oil on Canvas

    16x 20 inches



    Painted plein air in one sitting on May 22, 2016 at the historic antebellum home in Tallahassee Florida.

    Snags at Millstone

    Oil on canvs

    16 x 20 inches



    A beautiful day caught plein air April 23 at the Millstone Preservation property Tallahassee Florida.



  • More Plein Air



    Corner of Mariana Oaks and Hill Top

    Oil on Canvas

    16 x 20 inches


    A souvenir of a quiet undeveloped corner in the summer sun.


    Painted en plein air September, 2015.

    Boathouse at Millstone 

    Oil on Canvas

    14 x 18 inches


    This was painted on site in one afternoon as the clouds built toward rain, October, 2015.


    Barn at Millstone, Cloudy Day


    Oil on Canvas

    20 X16 inches


    Painted one afternoon at Millstone Plantation, Tallahassee, Florida.


    October, 2015.


    Handmade marks over a period of time.

    "Painting, for me, has been a serious effort to deal creatively with the deep inexpressible emotions I feel when confronted with the wonder and irony of living in this world. Nature and Man’s place in nature is at the center of much of my art."


    "When I was 10 years old I started learning what oil painting was about and I have been experimenting ever since.

    These paintings are an artifact, a souvenir, of the place, the time, the process.

    I use color for light and space while working for solid compositions. The results vary in the degree of abstraction. I try to blend the abstract and the realistic."



    Bigelow’s award-winning work has been exhibited and collected widely including Arizona, California, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia and in Florida.



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